Find dead pixels on your PC's screen


  • No installation required
  • Offers custom colors
  • Multi-monitor support


  • Menu can't be moved
  • Offered fixes aren't very fast


InjuredPixels is a tool that lets you locate and diagnose dead pixels in your PC's monitor.

Dead or blocked pixels are black or colored dots that remain fixed on your PC's screen. Their presence indicates that your LCD monitor probably contains manufacturing defects.

InjuredPixels is a free diagnostic tool that helps you detect defective pixels on your LCD monitor. It can be run from a flash drive, but does require .NET framework to run.

The concept is simple: most monitors come with a warranty so you can return it if something is wrong. Running InjuredPixels during that warranty period can potentially save you quite a bit of money in the event that there's an issue with your PC's monitor.

To help you locate issues, InjuredPixels will fill your screen with basic colors (green, red, and blue) or black and white so you can locate dead pixels more easily. You can change the color with your mouse or keyboard, as well as define custom colors.

Once located, you can take note of dead pixels' position and ask the monitor's manufacturer for a replacement monitor or a repair. You can also try to fix the broken pixel yourself via InjuredPixels, but it's not generally all that effective or quick.

InjuredPixels is a free safeguard against a newly purchased defective PC monitor.




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